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With passion and perseverance, plus precise execution, one painting will become the precious work of art, because spectators who have seen the fine brushworks could feel what the artist poured into the work. Then, the painting became more than canvas and paints, it became an experience, precious and invaluable. Of course, this can be said to be true about the dishes and desserts served at WAAN THAI Thonglor.

Like master chefs around the world, who poured everything they have into the works they served, and people could feel in the dish they served that is more than food, Chef Chumpol Jaengprai has devoted to the tradition of Thai desserts, no less than Thai cuisine, to bring out the most remarkable aspect, then turned to recreate new old menus that serve nostalgia together with intrigue of the time unseen. The past one never before knows one longs for and the future one never holds without thrilling in one’s mind, these are what made the desserts at WAAN THAI Thonglor so appealing.

Splendid interior at WAAN THAI Thonglor

WAAN THAI Thonglor’s interior was designed in such a way to give visitors a sense of being in the haven, even though they are still in the core of the metropolitan area. The early modern Thai style interior, painted with soft tone and pastel green being the main color, visitors will experience a soothing and serene atmosphere, calm yet refreshing. Combining with WAAN THAI Thonglor’s signature serving, ‘WAAN THAI HIGH TEA’, the Modern Thai Twist style tea set, your afternoon will slowly and leisurely be spent. WAAN THAI HIGH TEA comes with four desserts and four savories masterly matched. Let’s have a look at what is in store.

Exquisite WAAN THAI High Tea: 4 desserts + 4 Savories

WAAN THAI Chor Chomphu (Pink Flower Shaped Dumpling) + Traditional Thai Crispy Pancake

Chor Chomphu, or ‘pink branch’ in Thai, is a traditional dessert known for a delicate bite-sized endearing appearance and varieties of fillings one can create, now tempered with the signature touch by WAAN THAI Thonglor. Serving together with Khanom Bueang Savoey, a traditional Thai crispy pancake mellowed with grated coconut, one can enjoy the complimentary flavors of sweetness and piquant.

Caviar Kanom Krok (Coconut Rice Pastry) + Fresh Coconut Milk Cake with Aromatic Young Coconut

If we have to pinpoint hypothetically what is the most loved dessert for Thai people’s palette, we will certainly agree to a certain degree that Kanom Krok is undoubtedly one of those. The rich and soothing taste of coconut milk mixed with flour and sugar, Kanom Krok, now in this dish, as reimagined by WAAN THAI Thonglor, comes with Caviar on top. This exquisite meeting of East and West will certainly be increasing in delightfulness when accompanied with Fresh Coconut Milk Cake with Aromatic Young Coconut, which is no less rich in taste and texture, the result of a unique juxtaposition of global baking art and the traditional ingredients and recipe.

Pad Thai Crepe + Chiang Mai Chocolate with Thai Tea Filling

Pad Thai is a Thai noodle dish fried and served with various kinds of meats and vegetables. By redesigned Pad Thai with an addition of crepe, WAAN THAI Thonglor presents the novelties of fusion cuisine alongside a dessert delight of Chiang Mai Chocolate, well-known local chocolate with rich and full in flavor, with Thai Tea filling. All adventurous minds in taste are welcome to spend some quality afternoon with these exquisite desserts.

Grilled Chicken with Tea Leaf Tip + WAAN THAI Darathong

The ambitious combination of a mouthwatering dish of Grilled Chicken with Tea Leaf Tip, lush and scrumptious, and WAAN THAI Darathong, a traditional dessert recipe of bite-size sweet and creamy confection made from egg yolk meticulously mixed with flour and other ingredients, is the highlight and a standing ovation for this modern Thai high tea set. One will find the taste of finely grilled chicken matches seamlessly and harmoniously with WAAN THAI Darathong, and that agrees completely with a cup of hot tea. 

Every aficionado of taste and lovers of sweets are welcomed to experience the meal as artistry at WAAN THAI Thonglor. Reserve your seat by call number: +66 (0) 94-215-3945, +66 (0) 94-215-4156, or at email: reservation@waanthai.com, or at www.waanthai.com, or at Facebook, Instagram, Line OA: @waanthaidessert.

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