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"Dara Thong Waan Thai"

Dara Thong is listed in one of the 9 auspicious Thai desserts that originated from Thong-Ek. Generally, the Dara Thong is made from wheat flour, coconut milk, sugar, and egg yolk, with no filling, and only has a sweet taste.

“Dara Thong Waan Thai” has its own specialty textures, which are certainly unique, hides a savory filling center with homemade salted egg, made and modified through the original seasoning ingredients, egg yolks are scrambled

with beans until smooth to get a mellow texture, sweet taste, and slightly salty.


Mango Sticky Rice is an all-time favorite dessert and has now become the world’s most famous dessert in the sweetness and creaminess of coconut milk.

However, the uniqueness of “Waan Thai Mango Sticky Rice” is the creativity of making an ordinary dessert menu that is beautifully designed as an artful dish, while experiencing the taste of 2 textures of “Parfait” from mangoes, some sweetness at first from mango mousse contrasted with some sourness from the real mango inside.

Mango Parfait is served with Sticky Rice, the signature recipe created by “Waan Thai”. The finest sticky rice from Chiang Rai is cooked with genuine homemade coconut milk that brings a perfectly soft and chewy texture.

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