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Thai cuisine is one of global acclaimed food cultures as guaranteed by delightful food enthusiasts for Thai dishes’ delectable tastes. Travelers from all over the world come to Thailand to taste authentic Thai cuisine. There are numerous delectable dishes to choose from local that have distinct flavors in each region. As time passes, some menus become somewhat difficult to find. WAAN THAI, a newly opened Thai restaurant in Thonglor, intends to preserve these traditional Thai cuisine and presents it to the global cuisine with a contemporary decoration along with deliciousness.

Historical Delicacy by Chef Chumpol at WAAN THAI

Chef Chumpol Jangprai termed the trademark dishes at WAAN THAI sumptuously Modern Thai Twist, offering a feeling of something well known yet appears daring, a traveled route that brings you somewhere you’ve never been before. WAAN THAI, in the footsteps of R-HAAN restaurant, has always devotedly reinvented and reinterpreted old Thai dishes in the genuine styles by the new light, with the main goal of conserving and passing on the heritage of traditional Thai sweets to the new and next generations.

5 Thai Extraordinary and Rear Dishes You Must Try

1. Homemade Thai Sausages and Minced Fish Salad (ไส้กรอกปลาแนมชาววัง)

At WAAN THAI, we cook with care, from the materials we use to the methods we use. Sausages are made fresh by pan frying minced pork with curry paste and sweet corn, then seasoning to taste. For the minced fish salad, a filet of “snakehead fish” was fried in coconut milk until it exuded aroma before. After that, we added sliced shallots, pig skin, and seasoning with fish sauce and sugar. Finally, to make the dish aromatic as the original recipe, the orange zest was added. Serving comes with betel leaves, coriander, and chili on a platter. As for your delectable experience with this delicacy, kindly roll them up to get a taste of everything and taste the complete Waan Thai savory experience.

2. Korat Wagyu Beef Green Curry (แกงเขียวหวานเนื้อโคราชวากิวพริกขี้หนูสวน)

Green curry paste, made with Waan Thai’s secret recipe, is stir-fried in a skillet with thick coconut milk until aromatic. Then, the premium Wagyu quality silver shank steak from a well-known farm in Nakhon Ratchasima was added to the curry and boiled until the flavor was absorbed. You can taste the juiciness in every bite, and you can make it a little more spicy with fresh chile. WAAN THAI serves a memorable blending of delicate beef green curry and roti.

3. Thai Rice Noodles with Traditional Chilli-Peanut Sauce (ขนมจีนน้ำพริกชาววัง)

This one-of-a-kind chili-peanut sauce is meticulously created by our chef, who pays close attention to every detail. From the components, whether it’s a combination of dried chiles, shallots, garlic crushed along with fresh minced prawns. Improving the scent with finely chopped kaffir lime peel, adding salty flavor from fine Rayong fish sauce, sweet flavor from coconut sugar, and finishing with pulverized peanuts. This exquisite dish comes with fresh rice noodles and 9 varieties of vegetable side dishes to savor your craving for whether it be deep fried veggies or fresh vegetables, or soft-boiled vegetables and of-course the obligatory soft-boiled duck eggs. Preparing is never too much at WAAN THAI.

4. Secret Recipe of Papaya Salad and Steamed Coconut Milk Jasmine Rice (ข้าวมันส้มตำคุณแม่)

The right flavor comes together at Waan Thai, such as this meal of papaya salad and steaming coconut milk rice made with mom’s secret recipe. We used quality jasmine rice from Yasothon province that had been soaked in coconut milk to give it a sweet and salty flavor when cooked. It’s a great balance to serve this steamed rice with papaya salad to tone down the hot and spicy taste of the chili in the salad. Instead, try it with the fiery Northern chili paste, which, when combined with shredded sweet pork and fresh vegetables, might assist to lessen the heat in the tongue. Taste it for yourself at Waan Thai now.

5. Pad Thai with Charcoal Grilled River Prawns (ผัดไทยกุ้งแม่น้ำย่าง)

The softness and stickiness of the rice noodles from Chantaburi that we use to make this meal are distinctive. Dry rice noodles are soaked in water until softened before being stir-fried with chopped radish, cubed tofu, and tamarind sauce. Using fish sauce and sugar, provide a salty and sweet flavor. Stir-fry until fully combined with the appropriate heat temperature, then serve with peanuts, chili powder, bean sprouts, and chives. Coming together in the same dish is charcoal grilled, in the old fashioned style, of giant river prawn to boost the tastiness. Enjoy the greatest sweet and sour Pad Thai flavor now only at WAAN THAI.

Splendid interior at WAAN THAI Thonglor

At WAAN THAI, the furniture and furnishings were all carefully chosen to be thematically cohesive, that is, to evoke the atmosphere and tone of early modern Thai. The era was chosen because it best represented the most appropriate setting for tourists to enjoy traditional Thai dishes and other distinctive Thai delicacies that WAAN THAI provides at their leisure. You will undoubtedly discover that images made in WAAN THAI will evoke unspoken nostalgia for the seductive old Thailand.

WAAN THAI would like to welcome everyone who likes to experience and capture the traditional Thai dishes in the vintage Thai moods and tones.

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