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It is that time of the year again, the time of sunlight and breeze, the summer of 2023 is here. Many may fancy traveling to the tropical sea, riding the waves, paddleboarding, kayaking, taking a road trip, etc., and WAAN THAI Restaurant, the premium traditional Thai desserts and meals restaurant, would like to oblige everyone’s craving for summer delights by, of course, inviting you to try our 5 summer menus for the occasion.

WAAN THAI Restaurant, since our foundation, has been committed to creating and serving Thai authentic traditional desserts and light meals. True to the sense of the word ‘authentic’, WAAN THAI Restaurant always strives for the premium local ingredients and delicacies, to assure that our guests will enjoy and experience the authentic flavors of Thai dessert recipes.

More than that, WAAN THAI Restaurant believes in creating menus from traditional recipes while maintaining the relevance of our servings to the global culinary trends. That’s why at WAAN THAI Restaurant, everyone could certainly enjoy summer vibes in Thai early modern styles and atmosphere, the authentic Songkran vibe.

WAAN THAI’s 5 Vintage Vibes for Your Summertime Vibing

Speaking of chilling in the summertime, there are no other suitable menus for the occasion than iced mocktails and some variation of flairs to go with them. Let’s take a look at our 5  recommended menus to welcome your summer at WAAN THAI Restaurant.

1. Kachee (Roselle, Honey, Lemon, Soda)

Kachee, named with a Thai word (ขจี) that is often used to poetically describe how lush a tree or forests are, is one of WAAN THAI Restaurant’s signature mocktails. The refreshing mixture of honey, lemon and soda is then complimented with Roselle, which is found in tropical areas whose calyces are often used to make a drink and other culinary purposes. Roselle gives the mocktail unique aroma and flavor, with the harmonious combination of sweetness and sour, plus the coloration of bright red. So it could be said that Kachee is one of the menus you must try in the summer at WAAN THAI Restaurant.

2. Aram Sri (Passion fruit, Thai Tea, Lemon, Soda)

Passion fruit, which is one of the main ingredients of Aram Sri, is known for its sweet-tart and delectably sweet. At WAAN THAI Restaurant, the combination of Passion fruits’ unique taste with Thai tea, lemon and soda become a refreshing and ‘very tropical vibe’ drink. That is the reason this signature mocktail is named Aram Sri (อร่ามศรี), which means ‘golden shining light’ and often found in old Thai poetry and songs, an exact description of the summer sunset at the horizon which everyone enjoys leisurely, the sign of good things to come tomorrow.

3. Lamoon (Orange Juice, Coconut milk, Jackfruit)

Thai traditional recipes, of which WAAN THAI Restaurant has always held in reverence, is acclaimed for the distinct flavors. The origins of those flavors, apart from the craftsmanship of the chefs, may vary, but one factor is certainly the ingredients, which are often found only locally and have one-of-a-kind tastes. In Lamoon (ละมุน), which signifies comfortably soft and/or mellow in Thai literary context, WAAN THAI Restaurant would like to present Jackfruit, the local fruit with unique taste and texture, in combination with orange juice and coconut milk. The result of which is a mocktail with aromatic softness and mellow taste. One that will bring you the summer breeze and refreshing vibes. 

4. Orange Mint (Orange Juice, Peppermint, Soda)

In this signature menu, WAAN THAI Restaurant combines the juiciness of orange juice with the refreshing cool of peppermint. Then delicately mix with soda, and the result is a remarkably juicy and minty mocktail, one that can be a cool companion for your chilling summer time.

5. Signature Juice Cold Pressed Mixed Fruit

One of the signature juice menus by WAAN THAI Restaurant, Signature Juice Cold Pressed Mixed Fruit is the rejuvenating combination of watermelon, passion fruit and mango, all of which are something like symbols of tropical landscape and relaxing summertime. As a cold pressed drink, you could enjoy the vibrant flavor of three refreshing fruits in one sip. WAAN THAI Restaurant believes that after the first taste, your summer may become brighter and breezier. 

This summer, WAAN THAI Restaurant would like to welcome everyone, Thai traditional dessert enthusiasts, the early Modern Thai atmosphere enjoyers, who like to experience and chill the traditional Thai summertime in the vintage Thai moods and tones. Reserve your seat by call number: +66 (0) 94-215-3945, +66 (0) 94-215-4156, or at email: reservation@waanthai.com, or at www.waanthai.com, ot at Facebook, Instagram, Line OA: @waanthaidessert.

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