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We may generally need some Thai sweets, or desserts, after finishing the main dish of our courses. Needless to say that there still are many great times for those delicately looking Thai sweets, one of them is certainly New Year’s Eve. The celebratory occasion such as New Year’s Eve brings families, friends, lovers, and people together to, of course, celebrate and have good times. WAAN THAI would like this jolly occasion of yours to be the happiest for the starter of 2023 and humbly present the Thai Sweet Gift Box for this festive time and as a great threat for every Thai sweets confectioneries lover.

The Sweet Flavors that Bring Joy and Happiness

Apart from mouthwatering taste and alluring appearance, Thai sweets in many recipes are believed to be representations of fortune. The golden coloring is believed to be an auspicious color, bringing with its graceful hue good luck and prosperity. It might be said that in Thai sweet tradition, making confectioneries for your affected ones means wishing them happiness. New Year’s Eve certainly is the season of sending Thai sweets to your friends, families, or close significant others.

1. Chiang Mai Chocolate Thai Tea – A combination of special Thai tea mixed with white chocolate from Chiang Mai then formed in a coffee capsule shape. Taste of bitter-sweet and a little sour at the end with the intense aroma of Thai tea.

2. Chiang Mai Chocolate with Chulalongkorn Rose Lychee – Fresh lychee blended with Chulalongkorn rose water and chocolate from Chiang Mai. The taste is sweet and sour at the end with the rose fragrance and a hidden lychee liqueur within.

3. Chiang Mai Chocolate Iced Coffee Whiskey – Simmered fine coffee with whiskey and chocolate from Chiang Mai then formed into an oval shape in milk caramel color. Taste of bitter from whiskey goes well with the aroma of coffee.

4. Chiang Mai Chocolate with Thai Brandy and Black Galingale – Black galingale powder, a Thai herb mixed with chocolate from Chiang Mai, add aroma with Thai brandy, then formed into an elongated dark brown sphere

5. Saneh Chan – An ancient auspicious Thai dessert for charm. Made from steamed mung beans stirred well with flour, coconut milk, sugar, and egg yolk. Then molded into the shape of a Thai golden apple.

6. Dara Thong, also known as Thong Ek Krachang – Thai dessert in crown shape with complex steps consisting of Thong Ek, melon seeds covered with sugar and a base. It has a crispy and soft texture with the coconut milk fragrant.

7. Thong chompoonut – Another auspicious Thai dessert with a light pink color. Made from flour stirred with egg whites, coconut milk, and sugar to make it soft and sticky then filled the mold into shape, smoked with scented candle for smell, and laid the gold leaf on top.

8. Thong Ek – Thai desserts that have auspicious meaning. Golden yellow chewy desserts are made from steamed mung beans stirred with rice flour, coconut milk, sugar, and egg yolk until smooth and soft. Bring it to shape with mold and lay the gold leaf on top.

9. Sampannie – Ayutthaya ancient dessert. Cooked by roasting tapioca flour until cooked, smoked scented candles then mixed with sticky coconut milk syrup. Added little natural colors then bring it to a flower shape with mold.

With these menus as appetizing samples, there are more Thai sweets that you can explore and choose for your liking, as WAAN THAI Bangkok welcomes every adventurer of tastes to explore and experience the wisdom of Thai dessert culture. Reserve your seat by call number: +66 (0) 94-215-3945, +66 (0) 94-215-4156, or at email: reservation@waanthai.com, or at www.waanthai.com, ot at Facebook, Instagram, Line OA: @waanthaidessert.