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Thai dessert is rooted in the country’s long history. For this reason, the tradition of Thai dessert is deeply linked to the Thais’ lives and culture, which has been ever evolving. In this respect, WAAN THAI Bangkok, under the leading vision of Chef Chumpol Jangprai, commits to stay true to the root while keeping Thai desserts thriving in an innovative way, to preserve and create anew within the hundreds-years-old tradition amidst the vivid contemporary world.

In the Modern Thai style decorated interior with pastel green tint at WAAN THAI Bangkok, you are welcome to enjoy authentic Thai sweet delicacies in a serene yet luxurious atmosphere. These recommended menus may serve as your introductory guide to the wondrous world of traditional dessert culture of Thailand.

WAAN THAI Dara Thong

This traditional confectionery, created with flour, egg yolk, coconut milk and sugar, is one of the most luxurious sweets in the tradition of Thai cuisine, Dara Thong was one of the ‘Thong Eak’ family of traditional confectionery which represent auspice and often served in merry occasions and ceremonies. Dara Thong means a golden star in Thai, and the sweet takes appearance as its name, with the soothing sweetness which is its well-known signature taste. Now served with innovative ideas added, Dara Thong Waan Thai is filled with homemade salted egg and delicately mixed egg yolk with bean paste. The sweetness then is complimented with unique saltiness in this WAAN THAI Bangkok style.

WAAN THAI Mango Sticky Rice (Khao Nieo Mamuang)

The renowned Thai dessert, one of the most well known even, is a special dish with its own unique aroma and texture. Sticky rice, the special kind of local grown rice from Chiang Rai of the northernmost of Thailand named ‘Khao Nieo Khieo Ngu’ which is rich in taste and aroma, is steamed and mixed with coconut milk and sugar, the delicate procedure according to the traditional recipe. Served with mango parfait which gives creamy sweetness of mousse together with gentle sourness of mango, one’s palette will be greeted with the fulfilling combination that can only be found in this recreated traditional recipe at WAAN THAI Bangkok.

Toddy Palm Custard Cake (Khanon Tarn Tanode Pirom)

Mixed ‘Tarn’ or sugar palm with coconut milk, flour, sugar and other ingredients, baked as the old recipe since Sukhothai period dictated, one will get ‘Khanom Tarn Tanode’, the traditional cake, named in English as Toddy Palm Cake, with soft aroma and tender texture. Recreated with a refreshing take, WAAN THAI Bangkok serves Toddy Palm Cake filled with custard cream, which strengthens the unique firmness and tender taste of the palm cake. The cake is garnished with grated coconut to let the dish take on a distinct appearance.

Fresh Coconut Milk Cake with Young Aromatic Coconut

The dish represents the intersection between local wisdom and international sensibility. The usage of coconut as an ingredient is prevalent in many tropical regions, and Southeast Asia is particularly versatile about it. This trait is reflected in the Fresh Coconut Milk Cake with Young Aromatic Coconut, single-handedly created by Chef Chumpol and WAAN THAI Bangkok to represent the wisdom of authentic Thai cuisine. One can certainly say that the most striking feature of this dessert is the aroma, and that would never be wrong, apart from that one cannot fail to overlook the delicate and tender texture of the cake and how coconut is represented as an integral part of the cake’s distinct Thai appearance.

Thai Banphaeo Aromatic Young Coconut Pancake (Ba Bin Ma Prao Nam Hom Banphaeo)

This traditional dessert is one of the most popular among Thai people, particularly for its savoring and refreshing taste. Now recreated by WAAN THAI Bangkok with commitment to the traditional recipe while informed by Western cuisine culture, Thai Banphaeo Aromatic Young Coconut Pancake (or, Kanom Ba Bin Ma Prao Nam Hom Banphaeo), which is made from the unique mixture of coconut milk and flour with other ingredients, now comes with meringue on top. Coconuts were sourced locally from Banphaeo, Samut Sakhon of central Thailand, the renowned providing district of fragrant coconuts.

With these menus as appetizing samples, WAAN THAI Bangkok welcomes every adventurer of tastes to explore and experience the wisdom of Thai dessert culture. Reserve your seat by call number: +66 (0) 94-215-3945, +66 (0) 94-215-4156, or at email: reservation@waanthai.com, or at www.waanthai.com, ot at Facebook, Instagram, Line OA: @waanthaidessert.