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Wisdom of Thai Dessert “WAAN THAI” is established to enrich traditional Thai desserts by providing an authentic flavor and experience that goes beyond the imagination of a beautiful presentation. WAAN THAI takes an innovative approach and modern technique to create a new image with wonderful flavor and enticing aroma while retaining the unique charm of Thai desserts, with different textures in each dish.

Thai Desserts from Finest Ingredients throughout the Country

Chef Chumphol combined the finest ingredients from well-known sources of each region throughout the country, mixed with modern gastronomy techniques to become the unique formula of “WAAN THAI”. We also specialize in Thai desserts and beverages like herbal drinks, coffee, and premium tea. Indulging in the “sciences and art” of culinary exploration with new dimensions and sensations. Combining with a beverage to enhance the flavor of your favorite dish in a cozy ambiance with a Modern Thai Twist.

Must-try 5 Exquisite Thai Desserts at WAAN THAI

Muskmelon Coconut Milk Parfait (แตงไทยน้ำกะทิ)

Experience the sweet taste of “Muskmelon Coconut Milk Parfait” Thai melons in coconut milk which was transformed into a new signature dish along with the crispiness of freshly baked tart. Be surprised with the presentation in an unrecognized form, a French style parfait, This Muskmelon Coconut Milk Parfait is decorated with Italian egg white cream (Meringue) and pasted with gold leaf on top. Leisurely enjoying each layer gives you a great combination of amazing flavor and texture.

Fresh Coconut Milk Cake with Aromatic Young Coconut (เค้กกะทิสดมะพร้าวน้ำหอม)

Deliciousness from specially selected ingredients mixed with natural sweetness, WAAN THAI would like to invite you to experience the soft, melt-in-the-mouth Fresh Coconut Milk Cake that comes with the aroma of young coconut fragrant, a crucial ingredient in many traditional Thai desserts. The extra soft and light texture of this Fresh Coconut Milk Cake with Aromatic Young Coconut is a mixture of a special cake batter and a secret recipe with rich coconut milk. Garnish with coconut cream and coconut sauce that comes with young coconut meat.

Royal Som Chun (ส้มฉุนรอแยล)

Som Chun – “Lychee Stuffed with Green Mango in Syrup” is considered one of the Royal cuisines made with seasonal fruits and lychee as the main ingredient. The sliced mango is encased in selected lychee and soaked overnight in an in-house citron-infused syrup to create an aromatic scent of refreshing citrus. Before serving, freshen with some citron peels and flake ice, and enhance the flavor with some fried shallots and sliced ginger. This dessert is a perfect contrast to your sweet treat, especially after a delicious meal.

Thai Taro Custard Mille-Feuille (หม้อแกงเผือกมิลล์เฟย)

Enjoy the ultimate taste of crispy and soft “Thai Taro Custard Mille-feuille”. Flourish the new style of traditional baked Thai custard filled in between three-layer of crunchy mille-feuille puff pastry to increase the deliciousness. A golden-brown Thai custard using starchy taro as the main ingredient stirred well with eggs, flour, coconut milk, and indispensable fried shallots. Garnishing with taro chips and drizzling with jaggery caramel and flower petals for a colorful decoration over the top layer made this Thai dessert unforgettable.

Toddy Palm Custard Cake (ขนมตาลโตนดภิรมย์)

Let’s have a bite of the extraordinary light and smoothness of this delectable Thai dessert “Toddy Palm Custard Cake”. A beautiful modernized traditional palm cake with a special deliciousness, soft and unique. The traditional recipe of this Toddy Palm Custard Cake is placed as a base for its light and fluffy texture. Palms are meticulously selected and crushed until fine then mixed well with flour, coconut milk, and palm sugar. Set aside until fluffy before steaming it. Garnished on top with a custard-coated mousse crown spherical dome surrounded by a drizzle of salted coconut.

To pass on a legacy to present the Wisdom of Thai Cuisine through Thai food, Chef Chumphol has meticulously created each menu gracefully with an outstanding presentation, yet full of flavor, smooth and delicious as traditional Thai desserts that are beautiful and balanced carry on Thai culinary art from generation to generation.

Let’s experience traditional Thai desserts with a modern form that retains the identity and uniqueness of Thai charm which becomes more modern and international at WAAN THAI, guaranteeing success with 2 Michelin stars for 3 consecutive years.

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