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February, as the most romantic month of a year, could be the time for all of candies, sweets, and desserts to shine on you and your significant other’s plates. As February is approaching and Valentine’s Day is soon here, WAAN THAI as one of Thai sweets advocates would like to humbly invite everyone to have your tender hours on your Valentine at our restaurant. 

Let’s Make the Endearing Valentine Date in Your Memory at WAAN THAI

Thai traditional sweets are recognized and renowned for varieties and rich in appearance and tastes. With creative combinations of sweetness and other flavours, from various ingredients and seasonings, Thai sweets became fruits of labours and ideas that take sweet lovers’ hearts whoever have ever tasted them. WAAN THAI believes that this unique virtuosity of Thai sweets is for a special and loving occasion like Valentine’s Day more than suitable for lovers’ memorable time. Next session we would take a look at five recommended Thai sweets menus which we hope are alluring enough for everyone to take a dip.   

The 5 Marvellous Thai Sweets for this Valentine

WAAN THAI High Tea Set: 4 desserts with 4 Savouries

Chor Chomphu, a delicate bite-sized dumpling served together with Khanom Bueang Savoey, a traditional Thai crispy pancake.

The rich and soothing taste of coconut milk mixed with flour and sugar, Kanom Krok, now comes with Caviar on top. This exquisite meeting of East and West will certainly be increasing in delightfulness when accompanied with Fresh Coconut Milk Cake with Aromatic Young Coconut, which is no less rich in taste and texture. This is one of the most popular Thai sweets that every Thai people likes to remember dearly since their childhood.

WAAN THAI Thonglor presents the novelties of fusion cuisine alongside a dessert delight of Chiang Mai Chocolate, well-known local chocolate with rich and full in flavour, with Thai Tea filling.

The ambitious combination of a mouthwatering dish of Grilled Chicken with Tea Leaf Tip, lush and scrumptious, and WAAN THAI Darathong, a traditional dessert recipe of bite-size sweet and creamy confection made from egg yolk.

Muskmelon in Iced Coconut Milk Parfait (แตงไทยน้ำกะทิ)

Inspired by the deliciousness of traditional muskmelons in coconut milk, this new presentation is a combination of Thai sweets and round tart dough. The round dome of muskmelons mousse filled with muskmelons blended with rich simmered coconut milk sauce. Set on a crispy tart base decorated with Italian meringue cream and gold leaf on top. Experience the perfect combination of this sweet and refreshing taste only at Waan Thai.

Coconut Milk Chiffon Cake (เค้กกะทิสดมะพร้าวน้ำหอม)

Let’s experience the soft and fluffy Fresh Coconut Milk Cake with Aromatic Young Coconut that will melt in your mouth. Creating a super soft and light texture of chiffon cake from a combination of secret mixture cake flour and rich coconut milk. Garnished around with creamy fragrant coconut milk cream and topping with coconut sauce that comes with young coconut meat.  Deliciousness from specially selected raw materials mixed with natural sweetness.

Ba Bin Ma Prao Nam Hom Banphaeo (บ้าบิ่นมะพร้าวน้ำหอมบ้านแพร้ว)

This traditional dessert is one of the most popular among Thai people, particularly for its savouring and refreshing taste. Now innovatively recreated by WAAN THAI with commitment to the traditional recipe while informed by Western cuisine culture, Thai Banphaeo Aromatic Young Coconut Pancake (or, Kanom Ba Bin Ma Prao Nam Hom Banphaeo), which is made from the unique mixture of coconut milk and flour with other ingredients, now comes with the new flair, with meringue on top. Coconuts were locally sourced from Banphaeo, Samut Sakhon, the province of central Thailand where it is renowned for being a provider of fragrant coconuts.

Thai melon with coconut milk soufflé (ซูเฟล่แตงไทยน้ำกะทิ)

A soufflé that the chef combines Thai melon and pure natural palm sugar from Mueang Phetchaburi district, baked until risen and turned golden. A great combination when served with vanilla ice cream. Presenting a Thai twist in a modern look with your perfect pairing of deliciousness.

With the lovers’ season approaching, WAAN THAI Bangkok would like to welcome every sweet lover and loved ones in this sweetest time of the year to enjoy and experience the wonder of Thai sweets that amazingly go together with the occasion. Reserve your seat by call number: +66 (0) 94-215-3945, +66 (0) 94-215-4156, or at email: reservation@waanthai.com, or at www.waanthai.com, Facebook, Instagram, Line OA: @waanthaidessert.